Thursday, August 29, 2013

A wiser choice

I switched from using the About calorie counter web site to My Fitness Pal because it syncs with my Fit Bit. However, that convenience comes with two drawbacks.

First, the About site gives you a grade for the food you enter; the grade is based on the nutritional values of your food. I like that feature a lot and it’s missing from My Fitness Pal.

Second, My Fitness Pal tells you at the end of each day when you click the Complete button what you’ll weigh in five weeks if you continue eating/working out as you did today.

That part is not so good for me. In fact, it’s downright awful. One of my triggers for my unhealthy relationship with food is the number of pounds I weigh. I’m sure that sounds strange but just take it from me, I did a whole lot of work to figure out my triggers, that one is one of the worst and now I’m very careful to avoid all of them.

So when I go to the doctor’s office and I get weighed, I get on the scale backwards and they don’t tell me the number. Sure, I have a pretty good idea of what that number is but I don’t actually know.

You could say I don’t know from the information on My Fitness Pal and in a sense you’d be right. But the temptation to find out for real has increased and that path leads to madness for me. I find myself wanting to game the numbers and eat less and less and less . . . well you get the idea.

So I’m ditching My Fitness Pal and the convenience of linking it with my Fit Bit. I think it’s better this way.