Thursday, May 30, 2013

You say potato

Normally, I'd put a post like this on my son's food blog but he's got strict rules about including a picture of the food plated and ready to eat. We neglected to take that picture so instead, I'll just post about this recipe here.

When we were in Honolulu, we had dinner at Morimoto's (which I am only just now realizing I never wrote about). I had some salt-roasted fingerling potatoes that were incredibly tender and flavorful and had zero fat.

I love potatoes but tend to drown them in butter so I was intrigued by these salt-roasted potatoes. A quick Google search turned up several recipes so I got some boxes of kosher salt, a bag of fingerling potatoes and Tuesday evening, Kent made a batch.

He used an entire box of salt to cover the potatoes in this baking dish, and sprinkled water on top and stirred the salt until it made a gritty paste. He baked them at 400F for about 30 minutes and let them cool while I did the salmon.

I wish I'd taken a picture of him getting the potatoes out of the pan because the salt was a solid block and had picked up some of the purple color of the two purple potatoes in the mix. I'll do that next time maybe.

Our version of the potatoes were as good as those I'd had in Honolulu. We've found a lot of other salt roasting recipes so I am pretty sure we aren't done buying lots of boxes of salt. 


Claudia said...

I would love the recipe you used. I will have scads of potatoes in the fall and need some low-fat recipes.

kittiesx3 said...

That's pretty much the entire recipe -- salt to cover your food, moisten it to form a gritty paste and then bake at 400F for about a half an hour. Crack the salt and discard those chunks. The potatoes may have extra salt on them so just brush them off. Otherwise they are ready to eat :)

peachykeen said...

Yummy! I love fingerlings - will be trying these this weekend!

Magpie said...

that sounds cool.