Friday, May 31, 2013

Did a bad, bad thing

OK not bad exactly, but silly and perhaps a little foolish.

I bought the cats a special pet bed. Actually it's a dog bed but don't tell them that. The reason it's silly and foolish is that cats sleep where they want to sleep. Forget your special bed, they like cardboard flat on the ground, a folded blanket, a piece of paper, any small, contained space -- well you get the picture.

But all three have cycled through this dog cat bed and seem to like it. I will say it's incredibly soft, and also machine washable which is a huge bonus in this house. That's partly how we control the fur, by washing and drying pretty much everything.

Don't be fooled by that open eye.
He's totally down for the count.


Magpie said...

one day i realized that one cat had taken to sleeping in an odd, unforgiving spot that i think has a steam pipe running under it. in a fit of madness, i made a little cat bed out of an old nightgown and old bathrobe - things reclaimed from the rag department, really. the cat LOVES it. i feel like a proud mama every time i see her in the bed i made her.

kittiesx3 said...

I can imagine your cat adores that bed. It's warm, in an odd spot and covered with your old belongings. Full of win/win.