Friday, May 10, 2013

Damn squirrels

With apologies to my friend Donna Sue, I hate squirrels. I've hated them for years, ever since they ate all my geraniums out of the pots on my balcony in midtown Kansas City. I hated them vicariously when they chewed the wires in my son's car, causing I don't even remember how much damage -- just recall that it cost a lot.

Now they are biting through the wires for the lights on our pergola. Just look:

Click the picture so you can see ALL the dangling wires

See the three wires here??

So now I think we get serious with our squirrels. Only I don't know how to stop them from biting wires. Anyone have any good suggestions?

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Jeanne said...

There are suggestions in the pet rabbit literature for how to keep them from biting through wires. I don't remember any of it sounding easy; one suggestion was for bundling and wrapping all electrical cords.