Saturday, April 20, 2013

Like peas in a pod

Or rather, cats on a cushion

These cushions are left over from our first POÄNG chair from Ikea. While I liked the fabric cushions a lot, I didn't like how much cat fur they collected. So we got new leather cushions instead. But I felt kind of bad taking away a much-loved cat seat. We've had them in various places around the apartment in Boston, the rental apartment in Overland Park and now here in the Little Yellow House.


Jeanne said...

Do your cats have claws? Ron has always looked at leather furniture, but given what our cats do to cloth upholstery, I've been reluctant to find out what they might do to leather.

Jeanne said...

Ron just came home this week telling me that he'd seen leather furniture in a house with cats, and he sees my point.