Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A close call

This morning around 5 AM, I opened our windows wide to let in the cool air before the day heated up (high in the mid 80s today, completely wonderful if a bit warm). I'd just sat down to drink my coffee when I heard an odd noise. I knew it wasn't Kent and suspected a cat had gotten into something or other.

Well, it was Eddie in the window of the pink bathroom. Actually he was only half in the window since his other half was starting to hang out of the window. Yes, he'd managed to dislodge the pin that held in the screen on the left side. Being a large, 17 pound cat, he didn't have to do much to move the screen at that point.

Thankfully I got him back in the house, although he dug in his front paws on the outside of the window with his long, agile paws. He wasn't pleased and grumped at me to let me know how thoroughly disgusted he was.

We made sure all the windows were open only a couple of inches before leaving for the day.

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