Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You know you want an update

Here’s the latest update from our previous living situation in Boston. First, you might want to refer to the diagram in this post (in it, I described the neighbors and showed where they lived relative to each other).

OK now that you recall the players, here’s the rest of the update.
  • The Super Nices broke up. We suspect it was the ongoing strain between them and the Hatefuls (I sometimes called them the Nasties) because they really did seem like a solid couple with a good relationship. But I guess being near the crazies took a toll on them.
  • The previous owners of #6 sold in 2011. That shook things up only very slightly in the condo association. One of the new owners became a trustee along with Kent and an owner from #1.
  • The new owners of our place, Mike & Molly, seem to be nice and normal people. Mike’s become a trustee also.
  • Our neighbors in #1 sold their place last week. So now the remaining owner from #5 has become a trustee too.
Did you notice that the Hateful/Nasties and the Ferals still have no power in the condo association? That pleases me to no end.

On a creepier note, it was clear that both of the Ferals had looked at my Facebook profile. I found that disturbing, so for the first time ever I used the blocking feature on Facebook. Now they can’t even look at my picture.

I’m pretty sure with the most recent update to the condo (the owners of #1 selling) that our updates are over. And I’m fine with that. We don’t live there any more.

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readersguide said...

Good lord!

The diagram was helpful in understanding the situation. What a mess! And what a relief that you don't live there anymore.