Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Safety dance

Yesterday I had to be at work quite early so I left home shortly after 6 AM. It was still dark, and as I drove down Mission Road, I saw a runner in the right lane on my side of the street running against traffic. He wasn't on the sidewalk because we still have a lot of snow from the two storms we got last week. I thought he was taking a risk but at least he had on reflective gear plus a small blinking light attached to his hat.

A couple of blocks later, I saw three women and a dog, stretched clear across the right lane of traffic, walking against traffic with no reflective gear. They took up the entire right lane and weren't weren't even wearing light colors. I muttered mean things about their reasoning powers and continued on.

Then I realized someone in a Hyundai was tailgating me. Keep in mind it's just after 6, there's no traffic so there's no need to tailgate. Just go around. But he didn't, he kept tailgating me for about a half mile until we got to an intersection with a traffic light. He pulled into the left turn lane, which was controlled by a light of its own. But his light didn't turn green. He hadn't gotten there quite fast enough to trip the sensor (although given the early hour, it would have switched in a few seconds). No matter -- he just turned left anyway.

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Kent J said...

Cause your friends don't pass
and if they don't pass
well they're no friends of mine