Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tinkerbell is gone

Kent filled all the nail holes throughout the house today, which was a lot of work. He estimates he filled in between 40 and 50 holes. He also finished scraping Tinkerbell off the office wall. We liked Tinkerbell, only the previous owner had pretty clearly tried and failed to peel her off and (presumably) use it in her new place. So only half of Tinkerbell's head survived and she just looked malformed.

While he did that, I amused myself by working on things in the kitchen. One of the nice things about the kitchen is that the cabinets are the original hardwood. Alas, the shelves are built in and not movable so I did my best to bring order to cabinets of chaos.

Now you see her

Now you don't


Diane Russell said...

I love the hardwood floors and all the built-in bookcase/storage areas. This house is a real treasure!

kittiesx3 said...

We sure love it. And the built-ins are wonderful.