Thursday, February 21, 2013

A sweet story*

Last night, Kent ended up singing some lovely sinus songs (that's code for he snored) so around 11, I moved to the second bedroom. Wally hasn't been sleeping with us ever since Eddie got the cone of shame 11 days ago and last night was no exception. He's been sleeping on the guest bed by himself. So when I went in there, he was immediately thrilled and hovered over me as I got things situated. Once I got in bed, he curled up for a petting session . . . until he saw Eddie.

Eddie was sitting on the floor just watching us. Wally hissed a bit but seemed OK until Eddie jumped up on the bed, on the other side from me. At that point Wally draped himself over me and sort of grabbed on with all his paws, tensed up and started growling very softly at his brother.

I'm pretty sure he was telling Eddie to back off, to go back into the other bedroom and curl up with Kent, that this bed and this human were his tonight. It was kind of sweet, actually. Eddie was oblivious though, and I ended up nudging him off the bed. He stayed away the rest of the night, and Wally and I enjoyed our peaceful sleep.

Today on the file cabinet; yes there's fur.
We have three cats. Don't judge!
*Eddie probably doesn't think it's very sweet.

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