Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pics please

Here are pictures of the fabric we got in Italy:

Kent's orange/black houndstooth woven wool.

My lambswool woven wool.
It's kind of difficult to sew in our current place. I think it was easier in some ways to sew in our apartment in Boston, only because getting everything out was slightly easier and we both had a routine in how we got things done.

We will almost certainly use the front room in the new place as our sewing room. We use our dining room table to cut out patterns and the sewing cabinet will look nice in there, not like there's a sewing machine hanging around in the room at all. Plus the built-ins at the end of the room will hold all sorts of things, including fabric, supplies, equipment and so on. Kent's bummed we don't move until the middle of January because he'd like to get cracking on that shirt right now. Oh well.


Diane Russell said...

Beautiful fabric. You'll so enjoy having a sewing room! Guests be damned, it's why I have a two bedroom apartment. :)

Anonymous said...

Delicious. Does Kent sew? that's amazing!

Kent J said...

Heck yeah, I sew!