Sunday, October 28, 2012

Third anniversary

I can look back over my life and pull out a handful of events that have profoundly, permanently affected me:
  • Some events in my childhood including this one
  • Getting married at 19
  • Getting pregnant six months later
  • Starting college at 29
  • Getting divorced at 35
  • My first date with Kent
Some of those changes were good, and some were less positive.

Today’s the third anniversary of the water main break, and that event belongs on the list above.

I know now in a way I didn’t before that really bad things can happen to very ordinary people. You just never know when your home might burn down or a tornado or hurricane or tsunami might hit or a river might flood. Those events are pretty random and capricious and all you can do is manage once it happens.

I also know in a real, not theoretical, way that what I've got with Kent is rock solid. The water main break was just one in a string of awful things that happened to us in 2009. We never once turned on each other and I’m confident we can handle pretty much anything (although I would greatly prefer we would never need to demonstrate that again).

I’m still incredibly gun shy about homes that may experience flooding of any kind. That extended to me insisting we pick a top floor apartment so that the only water risk we face is from the roof, not from anyone’s pipes. As we've been house-hunting, the first thing I check is the basement. If there’s a whiff of water damage, I’m done with that house.

Unexpected water noises still get me jumpy. Wally, and to a lesser extent Eddie, are still pretty nervous in general, far more nervous that before. I still have the cat carriers nearby should we need to get out of here in a hurry.

Have you had life-altering experiences, either good or bad? What were they?

I've written about the first and second anniversaries too. 


kd said...

One of the most impactful events in my life -- the call from my mother to announce she and my father were no longer married. I was six. I knew at the time things weren't happy between them, but somehow that hadn't braced me for the hit. I recall how my grandparents thought I had the flu, since I threw up repeatedly for days. As much as I love my parents, I still have a burning anger toward them for handling things as they did. I thought as I grew up that would dissipate, but as a mother I feel all the stronger about how in the wrong they were.

Stupid spitting boys on the bus. I'm certain Karma has made good on that day.

peachykeen said...

great post - and the question is a good exercise in looking back and in! I'm proud of you for all you've pushed through and conquered, and I'm thrilled that Kent is in your life - lucky guy!

My life altering experiences:
*moving out of state to attend college (and grow up)
*changing careers
*attending group counseling
*meeting Frank
*getting fired - twice
*losing my Mom and Dad

all resulting in a deeper sense of who I am, of what it means to grow from the inside out, and
finally able to say with meaning that I love the woman that I am and am becoming.

kittiesx3 said...

I'm super glad you attended group counseling too, otherwise I would never have met you!

Jolo said...

Two things that changed my life as a child:
My mother getting cancer (we moved from northern Manitoba 1000 kms SW to central Saskatchewan) the year I turned 9.
The house fire the same year my mother died, the year I turned 12.