Friday, October 12, 2012


I had three goals while in London last weekend:
  • Shop for fabric
  • Eat Indian food
  • See my sister and her daughters
On Saturday we checked off the first two. Let me tell you, we weren’t misled about the amazing fabrics to be found. We looked at Cloth House (two locations on Berwick, which were quite closes to each other—we found that a little confusing that there would be two shops within blocks of each other) and Misan, which also had two locations. I could have spent hours in Misan. We both were overwhelmed by the huge selections in all the stores. The prices played a role in that too, I’m sure, since so many of the fabrics started at £35 per meter.

Those prices were still better than what we found at the Liberty store. Those lovely cottons (cottons!) also started at around £35 per meter. Kent uses three yards to make a shirt, so he’d need just under three meters which would bring the cost for only the cloth to £105. I just used a converter, and in dollars that shirt would cost about $169. Oh but what a shirt it would be.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to get an old phone unlocked to use a prepaid phone card with data, so we couldn’t access the maps we’d carefully prepared. So we missed a whole group of stores we’d planned on seeing but that’s OK. We were both overwhelmed by everything we did see.

We had an early dinner of Indian food here in the Seven Dials area and then caught the train back to our hotel and crashed hard. 


Magpie said...

wow. that's expensive. i remember going to liberty with my mother in 1978, and she bought fabric and it could not possibly have been so (comparatively) dear or she wouldn't have bought it.

does kent make his own shirts?

kittiesx3 said...

Yes, that's what got him into sewing. He's got long arms and has a lot of trouble finding shirts that fit his arms without being absolute tents.

Magpie said...

Cool. Tailoring your own shirts is pretty hard core.