Thursday, October 25, 2012

All by myself

Kent's out of town so the cats and I are adjusting to one less pair of hands to wait on the cats.

Generally Eddie sleeps between Kent's legs and usually when Kent's gone, he'll try to do the same with me, only I'm a side sleeper. Tuesday night, though, he stayed on Kent's side of the bed about where he would normally sleep. In the morning, he cried and cried -- I think for Kent but maybe not.

Chloe sleeps perched up near my left shoulder. I'll wake up and she'll have inched closer so she can plaster her furry little body against me. It's quite sweet except when she pats my face with her tiny paw. That's very startling in the middle of the night.

I think Wally has been sleeping in the cabinet under the sink. He's come in once or twice to meow at me -- that's my cue to wake up and pet him so he can curl up under my chin. But otherwise, he's MIA on the bed.

Last night, he kept a close eye on me as I surfed the web. Guess he knows it's a big bad world out there and I might need help.

He's on my lap right now, supervising me. Apparently I need a lot of supervising in the morning too, because he does it every morning.

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