Thursday, April 5, 2012

Whatcha watching?

I keep all my little videos of our cats and stuff around the apartment on YouTube (all 95 of them), and of course all my pictures are on Google Picassa. For some reason—and I’m not entirely sure why—younger children like my niece and nephew absolutely love seeing both the videos and all the pictures.

Now the videos are nothing special and they’re all quite short. Most are between about 30 seconds and a minute. Almost all involve the cats doing their normal cat things. The pictures are similarly nothing spectacular: a picture of our patio, a tomato plant, the ruined floors (x3), the cats, the cats, the cats, etc. But kids love them.

The rubber ducky video I posted last month? Schuler has watched that one probably a dozen times. I’m not exaggerating. He asks for that one specifically and prefers I replay it when it’s over. He also loves one where Wally jumps in a box and then jumps back out. The kid is obsessed with those videos. Rayna likes the videos but loves the pictures more, especially the ones that include her cousin Alison.

This isn’t peculiar to my nephew and niece. Alison is the same way. So I don’t know what I’ve done with my silly little videos and very ordinary pictures, but they hold great entertainment value for these kids.  


Hugh said...

Your kitties are funny critters, remember - even I like them!

Joybells said...

I love watching those videos!