Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pizza of mixed emotions*

Last week I received a job offer from a company in Overland Park, Kansas (map here). Last night I accepted the offer and I start May 14 (gulp).

I’m excited about being employed again (you should have seen me dancing around the apartment last week), and I’m tickled to be returning to the Kansas City area. The job is squarely in my field and should remain that way, unlike my last job. Plus the company is very stable, also unlike my last job.


 But I am sad to leave Boston.

I’ve learned a lot about myself (holes in my walls and ceilings no longer scare me), Kent and I are even closer which I wouldn’t have thought was possible, and we manage money now like no one's business (comes from mostly one income in a very high cost of living area).  More than that, though, I’ve made some really good friends here. While leaving the apartment will be easy-peasy, leaving these friends just flat sucks.


I kept in good contact with my KC friends while I lived here so I'm confident I can do the same thing with my Boston friends. It's just hard because so much of what we've enjoyed is the ease of hanging out that comes from an urban environment. Our friends pretty much all live within blocks of each other so getting together never involves anything more than a 15 minute walk and perhaps a stop at the liquor store for a bottle of wine. I will miss that a lot.

*Sunday night I posted on Facebook that Kent and I were having pizza of comfort for dinner. A friend asked me via private message what that meant so I told her I was considering this job offer. When I posted a link to the Kansas City song  last night, she commented pizza of mixed emotions.


lemming said...

This reminds me of the "sofa of reasonable comfort" in Doctor Who, but that's another meme. :-)

Massive congrats and wailing is still allowed.

Diane Russell said...

Congratulations!! Life is adventure and you're about to start a new chapter. I hope that "going home" is all you hope it will be.

Jolo said...

Congrats! I came back to what I consider "home" in 2010, apparently now it is your turn.