Sunday, April 15, 2012

Missed you

We had an informal open house today to celebrate our new floors (before anything bad happens). As it turns out, we already have another leak—no I’m not kidding. Our room off of the closet formerly known as the smelly closet has a leak from the pipe that leads to the outside faucet. Kent just turned that faucet on yesterday for the nice neighbors who maintain the little garden near our window. Fortunately he had to go back in there today and discovered the leak and fortunately we don’t need Nasties or Ferals help in turning that water source off. So it’s off and it will be attended to this week. Still—ironic, no?

Anyway. Here are some pictures from before our open house started:

See the pipe that caused
all the problems?

The spread.

Chloe is dying of anticipation. 

Notice the new floors. 
Now Kent is on a plane to Detroit and I’ve already tidied up from our party. Back to the normal routine (hopefully the normal dry routine). 


Joybells said...

You two are so adorable! I hope it was a grand event. Lunch soon (again, because I am a glutton)?

Jeanne said...

The floors look beautiful.

Jen Shear said...

You guys look so cute!