Thursday, April 12, 2012

Garbage in, garbage out

Dear City of Boston,

Why must you make trash pick-up so difficult?

When we moved here, I was initially delighted that our trash is picked up two times a week. That’s especially important since almost no one has a garage so storing trash between pick-up days could get both smelly and difficult. Not to mention, we live in the city and there are rats, both human and otherwise, who like to dig through the trash.

But now our condo association received a fine from you because apparently you have regulations about what kind of trash bags we must use—and we have to use different bags for trash and for recycling. (Don’t get me started on how you no longer provide recycling bins. Even Kansas City, that so called cowtown by your standards, provides recycling bins AND handy charts showing what can go in them to people who move there. Big fail on your part, Boston.) Apparently our trash bags must either be the big black bags or they must be a certain thickness. And the recycling trash bags have to be clear. I guess that’s so the homeless people who tear open our trash to dig out recycling can see exactly what it is they are digging for.

So we’ll be double bagging with our white bags that fit our tall kitchen trash can—the large black bags would never fit in our can and I refuse to throw away perfectly good trash bags because you need money. And since we scoop cat litter every day and don’t want that smelly stuff in our house, we’ll have to find a way to store it out on the patio until it can be tossed in our double bagged regular trash.

As for recycling? The day you take it seriously and quit letting your trash haulers just toss it in with the regular trash is the day I’ll bother sorting the few cans we do get.

I won’t hold my breath.



FreshHell said...

So very glad to live in the country where we haul our own trash (dump is just down the road a piece) and can sort our own recycling in bins available for everything imaginable. And they take pretty much anything you can haul there. I find these stupid city rules Big Brotherish and ridiculous.

kittiesx3 said...

What really gets me is how people here are so sure that Kansas City is uncultured and backwards in all the most negative ways. But KC takes recycling far more seriously than Boston ever thought about doing. They made it super easy. Boston just complicates everything.

Jeanne said...

Here we're in the middle. We pay to have a company haul our trash away, and if I wanted to ask them to provide a separate recycling service, I'd have to pay extra for the second truck they'd send out for it. We compromise by saving old computer monitors and batteries and newspapers and hauling them ourselves. One of the monitors and a big old memory unit was on the floor when our basement flooded, and one of the water reclamation guys picked it up and watched the water running out of it, saying "I think this one is ruined."

kittiesx3 said...

Ha-that reminds me of after the first flood when Kent made a drawing of his CPU, and indicated his video card, his hard drive and the water line. I was still using a gaming laptop so mine was OK. Obviously his wasn't.