Friday, April 27, 2012

Every breath you take

I have even more good news to report this week. I feel quite selfish to be hogging all the good news, but there you go. God knows, I've shared plenty of bad news here. This should make a refreshing change.

I saw my doctor today to get the word on all the tests he’d run and to figure out next steps. Readers, I have zero allergies. Not a one, not even ragweed. Amazing! Even more, he thinks that I don’t have asthma proper but rather that my lungs had a big ol hissy fit over all the particulate matter in my living environment. (I suggested maybe I had delicate diva-esque lungs; he laughed over that description and said quite possibly so.)

What that news means is that I haven’t damaged my lungs—hurrah! Plus I can dial back the maintenance inhaler and may be entirely off it altogether—double hurrah! I’m to continue using my peak flow meter to track things but even that may stop.

I have only ever had serious breathing issues in Germany and here in Boston. Both environments have more air pollution than Kansas City. Guess my delicate dainty lungs do not want any crap in the air, thank you very much.


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Diane Russell said...

Another good reason to move back to Kansas City. Life has a way of working out. I'm really glad for your good news!

Jeanne said...

no allergies? That's rare!

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