Monday, March 19, 2012

A mash up

No posting since Thursday because I've been working on a huge stack of sewing projects:

Nice floors, huh.
That mess is actually about 10 projects all stacked on each other. To date, I've finished five of them so I'm about halfway through.The cats, predictably, are entranced by the mess so at the end of the day, I have to carefully drape a blanket over everything so they don't get into things they shouldn't.

And here are two random, recent pictures of the greys. Chloe likes to sit on my lap staring at the computer and I managed to get a picture of her online obsession.


Eddie loves it when we watch TV and will squeeze his girth into the smallest place possible, almost always on me, and then fall asleep with a paw draped to indicate his ownership.



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Harriet said...

Such lovely kitties. When I lived by myself with two cats, I had a sofa that was too short to lie down on straight, so I'd watch TV with my knees bent. One kitty would always sleep behind my knees, the other in front of my chest. Cozy.