Friday, March 2, 2012

Hanging in here

I’m still really tired here in Boston, but from everything I’ve read that’s part of having this asthma flare up. In fact, I think a lot of what I’d been attributing to lack of sleep ie constantly tired and just having no energy is due to the asthma. It’s been eye-opening to realize that all three times I’ve had severe coughing and exhaustion like this have each occurred after serious water damage to our apartment.

We had one documented case of mold—last May when our floors were being replaced for the second time, the reconstruction company found it, immediately left (Kent said it was like a fire drill) and sent in a mold remediation team. I’m pretty sure we had it after the flood in 2009 and of course the  damn hatch that leads into the mold room got left open in January for a couple of weeks. After the first flood, I had a very bad time with coughing in January 2010, so much so that I pulled muscles in my chest (but thought it must be a cold, everyone gets colds only um no wait, I actually don’t get colds). Last May/June I was in bad shape and got in to see the nurse practitioner for drugs so I could fly on my next business trip without getting thrown off the plane for coughing my lungs out. And of course, I had all those problems last month.

And on a very positive note, the condominium association’s master insurance policy has already approved the claim and cut the check. That means we can get moving with actual repairs, although I’ll need to figure out where to go during that time. I’ve been here during reconstruction before and the amount of debris in the air is truly mind- and lung-boggling. Still, this is real progress. 

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