Thursday, March 22, 2012

Could be a sign

Chloe doesn't kitty pile with the other two cats. They've tried their entire lives but she is not interested. Sometimes she'll be so soundly asleep that she won't realize Wally has edged up next to her. As soon as she wakes up and notices that another cat is touching her precious fur, she grumps at the offending cat and scoots out of there.

Yesterday she woke up to find Wally sharing the brown cushion with her and he was on her sacred bear. Yet she stayed there for about five minutes. That's a long time for a cat who has established clear no-touching boundaries.


Kent J said...

Chloe's affection for her bear is weird enough without bringing another cat into it.

lemming said...

I think the bear bit is sweet, so there. :-)

kittiesx3 said...

She does love it. She even grooms it sometimes, which you have to admit is a little weird.