Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Saturday

Today I’ve
  • Read up more on reducing triggers for asthma, which is why I
  • Washed all bed linens in hot water (the hot water cuts down on dust mites; I always wash everything in cold water)
  • Heard from more than few people who believe my cats are the cause of my asthma

While I’m sure they contribute to the particulate matter load in the house, I’m also equally sure that this acute flare up I’m experiencing can be traced right back to the effects of the deconstruction debris and mold from January’s leaky pipe. It's a little early to be blaming animals I've had around me with no ill effects my entire life. Regardless, once I see my primary physician on March 8, and get referred to all the specialists I need to see, then I’ll have more information about what exactly is causing me problems and how I can mitigate the issues.

Tonight we’ll eat pizza and then groom the cats while we watch TV—they love to be groomed and swarm us every time we get the brushes out. Honestly, though, it’s pretty boring to groom them so watching some previous episodes of Criminal Minds will distract us as we brush and brush. Tomorrow, we’ll do the unforgivable and bathe them. I’m sure they won’t thank us for that!

Thanks for the well wishes I've received; this is new territory for me and I appreciate both the concern and the advice. 

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sabrina said...

as someone who knows that the dogs 'contribute' to my issue, i can work through that pain. i agree, it's too early to blame the cats for all the issues.

i know it may be difficult (based on previous posts) but you may try to keep them out of your bed. the doctor told me we should try to keep the dogs out of our sleeping area as much as possible.