Friday, December 16, 2011

I know what love looks like

It looks like the tiny live tree delivered to me today, complete with little ornaments and a string of lights. Kent did this because he knows how much I’ve missed having a tree. We used to have a really great artificial tree that (I swear) did not look artificial but we couldn’t put it up our last Christmas in Kansas City and we knew it was much too big to bring to Boston.

We did put up artificial garland on our mantel and Wally hopped right up there and started eating it. So no garland either.

Kent decided it was worth trying with a live tree (as in we can plant this after the holidays—the information sheet included with it says it grows to six feet tall. I promise you it will never get that tall in our patio. We just don’t have enough sunlight. Anyway . . .) and if it didn’t work, oh well. I'd say the tree is a success already.


Joybells said...

Yay! Also, I love this bit of metadata almost as much as the post:

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Jeanne said...

It looks lovely.

kittiesx3 said...

I smile every morning when I get up and plug in the lights. So far the cats are leaving it alone ::fingers crossed::

FreshHell said...

Aw. I love it.