Monday, November 7, 2011


  1. Kent says he likes these kinds of posts.
  2. Good thing. I write them when I have bits and pieces to say but nothing substantial enough to merit a whole post.
  3. I solved the problem of how to finish the lining in my wool skirt so I can keep the kick pleat.
  4. I did this while I was asleep last night.
  5. Kent says I’m weird because my brain never stops. I thought everyone was this way.
  6. Apparently I’m wrong.
  7. I fly to Idaho tonight to visit my folks. I haven’t been there in eight years.
  8. I’ve seen my parents every year—just not in Idaho.
  9. The high desert climate is tough on my nose and sinuses.
  10. Yes, I know. Supposedly I would adapt to the dryness.
  11. No thanks. I’ll take humidity.
  12. Except in the summer when it’s really hot. Yuck.

*(Yet another random list)


Judith said...

Well, bring your saline nose spray - and if you're already en route, get some at Salt Lake. Or, we can stop on the way home and get some.

kittiesx3 said...

Packed my Vaseline. I look so chic sticking my finger up my nose all coated with Vaseline, but it works.

Diane Russell said...

Saline solution is better than Vaseline. Trust your Mom on this one.

I find solutions to problems also flash into my tiny brain while sleeping. Just putting the thing down, and doing something else, lets me unconsciously think about it.

Lists are good. :)

Have a safe and wonderful trip, my friend!

Jolo said...

When I lived in Calgary I hated the dryness there too, so I used vaseline as well. Since running back to Saskatoon I have not had a dryness problem (except on my last trip to Calgary).