Thursday, October 20, 2011

While I was waiting

That’s the story of this week.

I’ll summarize:

I’ve passed three interviews with a company—let’s call them Company A—I would love to work for. I had two interviews last week and then an interview on Tuesday. My contact there knew I had a contract I needed to sign and return for the KC job.

And the KC job is through a dear friend of mine. I’d told her a couple of weeks ago that I was still looking for permanent work, and that I was still in the running for the job with Company A. She didn’t seem to care. Well when things heated up more this week, I dropped her an email because I didn’t want to screw up her project by coming on board and then maybe ditching her in a month or so.

We talked briefly right before lunch today and I gave her some names of people in the KC area who might be interested in the job. I just heard back from her about 20 minutes ago that she was able to find someone local.

So on the one hand, I just cost myself a job opportunity. But on the other hand, I am staying home where I belong.

Gotta say my head hurts and I think a glass or two of wine may be in order.

Oh and the waiting bit? Between noon and 4:30 today, I’ve sewn up a fleece jacket. That’s what I did while I was waiting.


Jeanne said...

That's the most productive waiting I've ever heard about. I usually just tense my shoulder muscles into a knot, in place of chewing my nails which is what I used to do before I was 40.

kittiesx3 said...

Well I couldn't finish packing, nor could I unpack. And I couldn't clean until the packing/unpacking decision had been made (cleaning is my normal method of handling stress). So I sewed the jacket.

Jeanne said...

Cleaning is your normal method of handling stress? We really ARE opposites in some important ways! That seems!

kittiesx3 said...

When I lived in houses with stairs, I loved nothing more than to run up and down those stairs when I was stressed. I would pair that with laundry or with cleaning and zoom through chores. Plus I'd be a lot calmer. I love stairs and miss them a lot.

kd said...

I am stupidly extra productive when anxiously waiting. I once, unable to sleep and already with clean house, grabbed a bucket and sponge and started washing walls.