Monday, October 10, 2011

Random bits

It’s our anniversary today. Eight years and that’s not nearly enough. He's amazing and I'm so very glad to be married to him.

Yes, I have a Facebook page for my cat. I made to cheer up a friend who was going through some pretty bad times. It’s harmless entertainment for her and easy enough for me. So why on earth do some people need to post mean and/or nasty comments on the page? Very clearly the content is rated G and if someone doesn’t like the page, why become a fan?

I have jury duty on Wednesday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to doing my civic duty (by the way, that’s plastered over the envelopes the state sent me: Your Civic Duty!). But this is coming at a really bad time, and if I’m selected I really need this to be a one day case.

We’d bought certificates for massages before I lost my job and we used them Saturday. What a fantastic treat.

I have to brave Joann’s today. That place scares me but their prices on patterns are better than any other brick and mortar store nearby.

We’ve had a last gasp of amazing summer weather over the weekend and it will be beautiful today. Maybe I enjoy it more because warm, sunny weather is rare here.


lemming said...

Can't stand the idea of anyone being nasty to Wally. You're right - very pointless. I've never understood trolls.

I used to belong to an on-line discussion group. For years we meandered along, nice chats, made some nice friends. Then the trolls set in, and one by one, the old members left. The trolls complained that none of the old group posted any more and concluded that we were all snobs. Whatever.

kittiesx3 said...

The commenter made disparaging remarks about Wally, having a page for Wally and then said she couldn't stand my effing cat. Only she didn't say effing, she spelled it out. I deleted the comment and I'm pretty sure she removed herself as a fan.

Seriously, it's Facebook not a world relief effort. If folks don't care for things on a fan page, then just click unlike. Hey presto, you won't see it any more.

lemming said...

Wally's page is infinitely more interesting than, say, Rex Grossman's.

Jeanne said...

I am friends with only one other animal who makes me smile as consistently as Wally does on his page. All the other cat does is say obvious stuff and then "like" his own post. Cracks me up every time.