Friday, October 7, 2011

More offensive grooming plus a bonus

Within 60 seconds of the end of this video, Eddie resumed his offensive grooming. Wally got disgusted and left.

Here's Chloe on her cushions and her bear. She loves those cushions and I suspect she may be getting arthritic; she's at least 11 and possibly 12 years old. I've had her 10 years this week.


Jeanne said...

Chloe does remind me a lot of Sabrina, our old crotchety lady. Her favorite sleeping place is a laundry basket full of clean towels, before I've made time to fold them and put them away. Sometimes I have to rewash the whole load for all her cat hair.

kittiesx3 said...

She's a funny old lady. She will just suddenly RACE around our apartment but only in a straight line. She doesn't do laps or circles. It's like a bizarre version of the 50 yard dash, and she'll run so fast her paws squeak on the marble.