Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hugh was right

In an earlier post, I mentioned that the cats, specifically Wally, are making sleep next to impossible. The situation hasn’t changed—I’m now on about day five of sleep interrupted and I’m getting pretty cranky. You know it’s bad when the cat commotion cuts right through the fog of Tylenol PM.

Hugh made a comment about how his dog, Sam, was the family barometer and would pace at night when things were stressful. Clearly, Wally is our barometer and he’s wound up tight.

Yesterday, I made a point of waking him up all day long, but nicely. I petted him, I tossed endless Velcro strips for him, I got out some cat nip, I held him and walked him around the apartment. It didn’t matter. He still acted out most of the night.

If he understood words better, I’d tell him I get it. I’d tell him I’m stressed too but one way or another we will always take care of him and be there for him. He’ll be with one or the other of us and we won’t abandon him.

But he doesn’t understand my words, he only picks up on my emotions. So today I will rouse him again, all day long. I’ll do my best to be sweet to him even though I’m so tired I could cry. Tonight will probably be a Tylenol PM night again because I am desperate for sleep.


Jeanne said...

It's terrible to be that stressed and tired. I'm especially sympathetic because yesterday I was wound up to such a fever pitch that at 11, after lying in bed unable to sleep for feeling the muscle knot in my shoulders, I had to take a tylenol pm. But mine worked, despite some cat shenanigans on the bed.

kittiesx3 said...

You've read enough of my whining about how early I go to bed and how much sleep I need that I know you'll get it when I say I was up until 10 last night. That just never happens unless we're out with friends or at a party or something.

lemming said...

Poor Wally, poor humans and poor feline family - sympathies all around. Wish I had words of wisdom

oh, no, wait - I am receiving a message...