Saturday, October 1, 2011

Check it out

Here's my new cutting layout--those risers give me another 8" of table height. That extra height has made a huge difference. I cut out a dress the other day and my back didn't get tight at all.

And per Sabrina's request and with Jeanne's encouragement, here's a picture of me in the new gray skirt and one of me in the remade pink sweater.

I've almost finished my DKNY dress; it's got a bit of excess fabric under my arms so I'm letting the dress hang overnight and will tackle that issue tomorrow.


Jeanne said...

See, I was wondering how long the skirt would be on you. I look at it without a body, and think, wow, it's a teeny Barbie mini...

The pink sweater is swell.

kittiesx3 said...

I think the skirt should probably be about an inch shorter but I was a little concerned I'd stray into hoochie-mama territory. I may end up taking it up a bit.

The sweater turned out far better than I had hoped. I'm really pleased with it especially because I love that color of pink.

Diane Russell said...

I love the creative solution to your cutting table! That's much better than having to have another piece of furniture in the apartment.

Looks like both of those projects really turned out well. Now I want to see that dress. I love a pattern like that, but getting them to fit exactly can be a pain.

By the way, did sewing the stretch fabric for the dress on the serger work better for you than the robes?

kittiesx3 said...

I think I've figured out the fit issue and I'll post about it later today--hopefully with good results.

I didn't use the serger for the Vogue dress. It's a fairly heavy ponte knit so I just used a straight stitch on my Bernina and pulled the fabric as I went. But I have another knit still to go, another dress, and that one will almost certainly need the serger.