Monday, September 26, 2011

A moment of silence

Let’s all bow our heads as we ever so briefly mourn the passing of the blue knit dress that never quite was.

You may recall I wanted to make this dress out of the navy knit material you can see in the middle of this picture. However I ordered the material online which meant I couldn’t touch it and decide if the knit were too stretchy. Alas when the fabric arrived, I realized that this knit most definitely is too stretchy.

So I decided to make this pattern instead, figuring it might be kinder to very stretchy materials. I wanted to make the cowl neck view and looked it up on Pattern Review to see what others thought about the pattern. It's only been reviewed once but the reviewer said the cowl neck bodice was absolutely enormous. With that in mind, I cut a smaller size but even so I think Kent could have worn the top of the dress and he wears a 46L in his suit. So I cut out the square neck bodice from the ill fitting cowl neck bodice pieces. While the top fit a lot better, the knit was just making things very complicated. Let me tell you, picking out stitches that have been done on a serger is just no fun at all.

What was supposed to be a one hour dress took me all Sunday afternoon and all of this morning until now at about 11:15 AM Eastern Standard Time when I officially declared the dress dead on arrival. I learned a lot but I won't be finishing the dress, at least not out of this material.

Now I am going to go have a salad for lunch followed by some jalapeno kettle chips. They are my new favorite food indulgence, and the perfect thing to soothe my sense of failure.


FreshHell said...

:( Sorry about the dress. Hope you can put the material to some other use. All I know about sewing I learned from my ten-year-old. We've taken out a boat load of stiches in the past.

kittiesx3 said...

Part of this was my own fault for going ahead with the dress knowing the material was awfully stretchy. But I also think the pattern has issues so we'll see if I try this one again.

I'm going to pitch the dress, it's just not worth trying to do anything with the scraps that are left. Plus my Bernina hated sewing the stuff. The serger did better but still the material stretched and stretched.

Jeanne said...

It's good to know when to fold them.