Friday, September 2, 2011

It’s like Christmas

Ben and Jen and the children get here early this afternoon and I am like a small child myself, just about dancing with excitement. This will be the first time they’ve stayed with us as houseguests ever—when they would visit the Kansas City area, they stayed with Jen’s parents in Lawrence. Honestly her parents have a perfect set up for houseguests with children and even then, we didn’t. Nor do we now but we’ve prepared as best we possibly can.

We’ve rented car seats, a booster seat and a baby bed and we’ve got some age-appropriate toys on hand for both kids. While we can’t entirely baby-proof our house, thankfully it’s a small enough place that keeping an eye on an avid exploring 16 month old shouldn’t be too hard. In fact our place is so small that we are staying across the street at a bed and breakfast, and they are staying in our apartment. So far the weather looks to be decent which means when the kids need to run around and get crazy, we can head over to the park about two blocks away and let them go nuts.

We’ve planned out all the dinners and Kent made a big excursion to Costco to stock up. Our fridge has never held this much food. In fact, it’s a little on the overstuffed side right now but that will change quickly.

I’ve been inordinately amused at the new things Kent’s had to do: buy diapers, buy baby wipes and of course the funniest (to me) of all, put two car seats in his car. That cracks me right up. Even if my car hadn’t been so damaged last week, we still would have had to use his car since mine is too small. I’m not sure his is big enough though, and I won’t be going with him to the airport. With luck and a whole lot of squeezing and shoving, they will get everyone and their luggage in the car.


Kent J said...

After I read this I said to Elizabeth, "I didn't buy baby wipes." To which she replied, "you haven't read today's grocery list yet."

kittiesx3 said...

Actually what I said was "you will."

Jeanne said...

baby wipes are the one thing I still buy. I have friends who say they dust with the cloth diapers they used as burp cloths; not me. But baby wipes are just about the right size for hairball cleanup.

lemming said...

I'm still dusting with the cloth diapers once used on me. (Yes, I was a dusty baby...) I'm amazed by how well they last.

It's great to watch the two of you having so much fun with this visit! Just make sure that the kitties get enough to eat; we wouldn't want poor Eddie to go hungry.

sabrina said...

have a WONDERFUL weekend with the family:)