Monday, August 29, 2011


That’s me.

Irene sped up and moved further inland which was awful for those in western Massachusetts, parts of Connecticut and all of Vermont. But we were spared and only had torrential rains and wind gusts. We never even lost power and that right there is pretty amazing.

I thought the South End didn't get any damage, but when I walked home today after taking my car to the auto body repair place, I saw a lot of downed tree limbs.

The picture shows how Wally spent most of the day yesterday. He's in a box from Costco and he loves to sleep in it so much that we haven't had the heart to pitch it.


lemming said...

Been seeing footage from my hometown in Western Mass - I'll spare you the link! :-) - but the flooding is just stunning.

Jeanne said...

SO glad you escaped flooding.