Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The word of the day on Saturday was exhausting. Oh and tedious. Boring too. Did I mention repetitive? The cats didn’t really settle down very well Friday night and finally at 5:30 AM we gave up and got up. We figured if we weren’t going to get any sleep we might as well get on the road. So we were on our way by 7 AM.

No kitties barfed (hurrah) but they also were pretty needy, crying and stuff in their cages. I’m sure the elevation changes through NY and MA hurt their little ears; I know my ears were sure popping a lot. And on a financial note, those elevation changes just killed our gas mileage. Until then, the worst I’d ever seen my CR-V get was just shy of 20 MPG. Not so in the mountains or foothills or whatever they are considered—we got 15 MPG **cries** But the scenery was beautiful and I look forward to going back sometime sans cats.

We reached the apartment about noon and in a rush of fantastic luck, we found two consecutive parking places right in front of the building. Amazing! Then we had the very sweaty pleasure of hauling stuff from the car and the trailer to the third floor. Neither of us smelled very good about 90 minutes later, but it was done.

Kent took the trailer back to the U-Haul place and I started unpacking boxes and working on soothing the kitties. Here are the results of the soothing:

No picture of Chloe because she was hiding.

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