Thursday, July 17, 2008

Running in Boston

I have a running route that works well for me here; it’s just shy of four miles and includes some pretty scenery like the Commonwealth Avenue mall and around the lagoon in the Boston Common.

However I’ve had some issues with my left knee since moving here and I believe its due to the way so many surfaces slant here.

Let me explain. To get to our rental apartment, we climb a lot of stairs and those stairs slant in toward the stairwell. So if you are going up the stairs, you’ll experience the stairs as slanting to the left. Once in the apartment itself, the living room floor is slanted—lots more than our house in Kansas City. I can really feel the slant on the stairs in my left knee. So returning to my running route, I run around the lagoon. It’s very pretty but it’s slanty, uneven and has lots of fairly sharp turns (well they feel sharp when running).

So I’ve eliminated the part of my run that takes me around the lagoon, but that’s left me with a route that’s just a little too short. Yesterday morning I decided to run through the park and then around it on the street sidewalks. Long story made not quite so long, I ended up getting pretty lost and was able to find my way back home only by looking up at the skyline for the Prudential building.

Other than getting lost, I had a great run.

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