Monday, July 7, 2008


Well I spoke much too soon. The boys reverted to their earlier (noisy obnoxious) ways last night. First, Eddie cut loose with his incredibly loud penetrating meow. He likes to run to the front door (which is a super cheap hollow door so it has not a bit of sound proofing) and yowl; I suspect he likes the way the sound echoes in the hallway. His other annoying habit is to walk up to the mattress (which is on the floor, by the way, so he doesn't even have to jump up or anything) and yowl until one of us--usually me--tells him to come up. Then I must hold the covers open so he can crawl under them with me, at which point he licks my hand and when I least expect it, bites me. Well OK, he doesn't really bite, but he does put his teeth on my skin and I do feel it.

But wait, there's more. The mantel has--had--a poster leaning against the wall, as well as some books stacked there along with Kent's change holder. In separate occurrences, they knocked most of those things off. Plus at some point, they turned over the kitchen trash can (which was empty so what were they looking for?). Plus we heard assorted kitty fight sounds off and on most of the night.

So today, dear kitties, you will not be allowed to sleep. You can expect much rousing and also some laser pointer play time. Because tonight you will sleep or else you will be in your carriers.

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