Sunday, July 6, 2008


We had a real breakthrough last night for the kitties. We slept until almost 7 AM—that may not sound like much but you have to realize that since we got here last Saturday, the cats have gone bonzo nuts around the apartment at 5 AM, especially Eddie with his thunder-kitty paws and his penetrating yowl. So yes, we were ecstatic to sleep in a bit this morning. Of course we may have helped them settle down more by staying up a little later last night, watching Stargate (we have the entire series on DVD, why yes I am a geek). As you can see, all three kitties found their way to me.

Yesterday Kent and I spent a couple of hours walking around the South End looking at apartments for sale. We are almost certain that’s the neighborhood we want to live in, partly because of the neighborhood, a lot because of the real estate prices (they are not nearly so insane as the prices in, say, Back Bay) and also because we like the diversity we see there. I found a neighborhood association that had some interesting information about the area; you can also read more about the South End including information about the bowfront row houses here.

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