Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thursday--Detroit or bust

Our first order of business was finding Chloe a new carrier, which we did in Newton, IA. With that, we hoped our kitty issues were behind us. Thursday was a long day but a good one since we were stopping in Detroit to see Ben, Jen and Alison.

The cats serenaded us for a while but it wasn’t too awful, and they settled down pretty quickly to sleep all day. Well they settled down until Wally barfed in his carrier. Yuck.

We didn’t expect Iowa to be as hilly as it was. Neither of us had really driven through the state so it was new to us—and so very, very green. We saw some remnants of water from the recent floods and a couple of highways that were closed, probably due to high water. But we weren’t directly affected by it, except to marvel at how green everything was and how high all the rivers and streams were.

We saw Alison Thursday night, even though we got there after her normal bedtime. She was a hoot, crawling around, crawling up our legs, waving hello and blowing kisses. Plus Jen fixed us a really great meal—we loved sitting and relaxing with her and Alison. We said hi/bye to Ben when he got home from work close to 10:30 and headed back to our hotel.

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