Monday, June 9, 2008

I have been remiss

And Kent pointed it out to me. I'd included pictures of Wally and Eddie but hadn't gotten around to posting one of Chloe.

I've had Chloe since October, 2001. She was about a year old and had been dumped by her owners. Her foster mom told me Chloe would always need to be the only cat in the house because she didn't tolerate other cats. When we got Sammie (RIP Sammie cat), she did a fair amount of hissing and growling at him, but after a while they lived in a mutual state of ignore.

She couldn't ignore Wally and Eddie, though. They were three and a half months old when we brought them home so they were still well and truly rambunctious kittens. They completely ignored her hints to leave her alone, and her more blatant go-away gestures. Now I'm likely to see any two of the three romping around, and although I haven't yet seen a true kitty pile with all kitties, they've come very close.

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