Sunday, June 29, 2008


MMMMM breakfast at The Pancake House in Grosse Pointe, MI. You sure don’t eat there for your health! And maybe it wasn’t the best choice for breakfast before heading out for another day of driving, but we wanted to go there and have breakfast with Ben and Jen and Alison. As you can see from the picture of Ben and Alison, she's decided she looks better without the bow in her hair. Of course all the waitresses were oohing and ahhh-ing over Alison. One told us the dress exactly matched Alison's eyes, which made me smile since I sewed that dress for her.

In my opinion, Detroit drivers were the absolute worst of any drivers we encountered on our trip—that’s 1600+ miles of driving and yes, Detroit, you win Worst Drivers Anywhere. Seriously—lane markers were apparently just suggestions and it’s also apparently normal to cross from the very far left lane across three or more lanes of traffic to exit the highway with only a couple of hundred feet between where the driver would start and where the exit actually was. It’s not so much that they were rude or angry, just dangerously oblivious. Detroit also has a ton of road work going on so even though we left Ben and Jen around 10 AM, we didn’t get out of the city limits until close to 11:30.

Eddie barfed in his carrier Friday. We made bets that Chloe would barf on Saturday but true to form, Chloe kitty cat was good as gold and never barfed. Of course she did cry a lot on Saturday.

Kent had optimistically hoped we would get to Worcester, MA Friday night. In fact we made it to Syracuse, NY before we agreed enough was enough. We found a small local restaurant called The Clam Bar (sorry, no web site but here are some reviews) that looked interesting so we gave it a try—amazingly good food. If you are ever in Syracuse and you like seafood, check it out. The prices were very reasonable, the drinks were good and we both loved that it was not a chain restaurant. Oh and they have fantastic clam chowder.

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