Monday, June 2, 2008

Everyone has a secret shame--right?

Mine is two-fold. I like KC and the Sunshine Band and I love Hello Kitty. My Hello Kitty adoration is well known among my friends, so over the last five years I’ve gotten Hello Kitty hats, headbands, socks, stickers, a coin purse, a small make-up bag and of course my Hello Kitty dolls action figures.

This past weekend Kent and I were purging more stuff in preparation for our move. I told him I was a little undecided about what to do with my Hello Kitties. He said I knew what I needed to do.

I agreed with him and said I would be keeping them. He looked at me oddly but didn’t say anything as we kept tossing things into the donate pile. About five minutes later I realized I might have misinterpreted his statement and I asked him if he’d meant I should get rid of Hello Kitty. He nodded his head so I fetched my Hello Kitties and asked him how he could consider getting rid of such cuteness.

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