Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The destroyer strikes again

Wally may be a very cute kitty, but that cat loves to chew plastic. He especially loves plastic bags and will gnaw any part he can reach. That's why I have to hide the trash cans in the bathroom. I tried taping the plastic to the can and he just ate the tape.

He also loved to grab the Grandma doll out of the doll house. He was most adroit in snaking her through the window and then carrying her around the house like a dead rat. Funny but frustrating.

He struck again Saturday. As part of the race loot, finishers got a pair of flip flops that had the name of the race on them and the logo on the flat part where your foot rests. Pretty clearly they were not high end flip flops but I thought they would be good to take to Boston and use as summer slippers since it's been so freaking hot in Boston.

Wally thought otherwise. I saw the bottom of the flip flop first and just laughed because it had puncture marks in it from his teeth. When I turned it over, I realized he'd taken out gouges which you can sort of see in this picture. So the flip flops went straight into the trash.

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