Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It’s the small things

In keeping with my strong desire to focus on the positive (rather than freak out which does no good anyway), here’s a list of random things for which I’m grateful:

  • We deliberately chose to buy a less expensive house, one that we could pay for with the smaller of our two salaries
  • We left Verizon last month and switched to Google Fi which cut our cell phone bill in half (we did have to get new phones but we were on the hook for new phones anyway)
  • We don’t have any recurring subscriptions to anything—no cable, no Netflix, no Hulu, nothing
  • We both know how to cook and are quite good at it (sounds snotty but it’s true)
  • We don’t have a habit of eating out (with the exception of our date night on Friday nights—we’ll be dialing those back but not cutting them out altogether)—I bring my lunch every day to work
  • We have a good emergency fund saved up
  • We paid cash for our cars so we don’t have car payments
  • (This will sound weird) I recently bought new underwear—because of the stress at work, I’ve dropped four to five clothing sizes and those didn’t fit anymore. The good part here is I already bought them.

So there’s my list of random goodness. Also here's another cat picture to sooth us all.

Taken on my lap just now

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Judith said...

"4-5" clothing sizes? Would that now be a -0? Thinking of you often and glad you can list that many positives in a stressful situation. Also love your serene cat pictures.