Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy 50th anniversary

Today, my folks have been married 50 years! That’s a pretty big milestone, and one worth celebrating.

My sister Amy reached out to me about what we might be able to do for them, and honestly that was a puzzle. I knew getting everyone there was going to be essentially impossible—we’re pretty far flung and for one of us, tickets would be prohibitively expensive. Plus my brother’s at his annual training for the Army, and this is also the busiest time for me with my job. And a vase or picture or what have you didn't seem to be appropriate either.

So what to do?

We live in the digital age, and my parents are most definitely not Luddites. In fact, they're pretty up to date with technology. So I reached out to my brother and sisters and also my sons and said, look—if you’ll record a video of congratulations and send me pictures of our folks across the years, I’ll make a video to celebrate this significant anniversary.

And that's what we did. Here it is:

Congratulations, Mom and Dad, with love from all of us!

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Harriet said...

Aw, beautiful. I bet they loved it. Congratulations to them!