Saturday, May 21, 2016

I blinked and it's almost June

Life has been a blur lately, so much so that I was startled to realize I haven’t posted in two weeks. I’ve written a lot of posts in my head but haven’t had a hot minute to toss those thoughts onto paper, let alone post here.

See the hole by the step?
Our yard is out of control. We did get some annuals planted—and also realized something’s made a home under our porch. I suspect ground squirrels, the ones that look like chipmunks, or maybe regular mice. I doubt it’s bunnies, but honestly the amount I know about bunnies is miniscule.

Welcome to the jungle
And the back yard? Is nothing but a jungle. We’ve had so much rain that even if we had a spare moment, it’s too muddy to get out there and do anything. We’ve actually debated trying to hire someone to come in to pull weeds but we’re too busy to even make those calls or ask for recommendations. Kent did get out last weekend and pull weeds until our yard waste bin was full (I worked both Saturday and Sunday). We’re going to try the same approach tomorrow; it was dry today and will be tomorrow too, so now’s the time.

We also planted our herbs and Kent being the wild, crazy optimist, included cilantro. And it's growing!!

I made a quick trip to Chicago to see one of the vendors my company uses—out on Wednesday and back on Thursday. That made me realize how much I miss traveling for work (I know I sound crazy but I do).

Kent’s birthday is this Wednesday, and I have a work dinner that night. Then Friday we fly to Miami for a couple of days of unplug time. I was hoping it would be gloriously sunny but so far the forecast isn’t bringing much joy. Jordan’s joining us—before inviting him, I did warn him we plan on being beach/pool slugs and doing not much of anything besides reading (City of Mirrors comes out on May 24, it’s the third book in a series by Justin Cronin and I am not kidding when I say I have been anticipating this for nearly a year, since I finished the second book). He was still interested in coming so that’s pretty cool.

What have you been doing?

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Jeanne said...

Finishing up the semester. Trying to get ready for the visit of one grown child and the arrival home for the summer of another. Like you, putting a few plants in pots and avoiding the yard. I tried to grow dill, but failed.

Your plan for next weekend sounds great.