Tuesday, January 19, 2016

And another bag

Here’s the second finished bag of 2016. As with the first one, the outside fabric is a very dark blue, almost black denim. And also as with the first one, that dark color wants to rub off. This time when I turned the handle right side out, I wore my dish washing gloves to protect my fingertips and you should have seen the ends of those yellow gloves. I'm sure I looked ridiculous but hey, it worked and kept the dye off me and on the fingertips of my yellow dish washing gloves.

The lining is fabric I got from a fabric stall in Walthamstow a couple of years ago. I read the blog Did You Make That? and the author is from Walthamstow; she wrote a post about finding fabric there. So off we went, and here’s one of the pieces of fabric I got. It’s got a border—the pink stripe—and although I didn’t photograph it, I matched up that stripe perfectly. Too bad it’s on the inside or everyone could see it.

This is probably my seventh time making this Amy Butler pattern. While I'm tired of making this particular bag, it's always well-received and the recipients have uniformly told me how much they love their bags. It's hard to argue with that kind of success.


sabrina said...

i LOVE this bag!

Elizabeth said...

The outside fabric is the same as yours; but yeah that lining is pretty cool. It was kind of slippery and a pain to sew but it really pops against the denim.

Kerry DeBauge said...