Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A fond farewell

Six years ago, I was wearing these shoes when the water main burst and flooded our place in Boston. Little did I know at the time that these shoes would be nearly the only shoes available to me for the next five months.  They served me well, as Cole Haan shoes often do—in fact, they were the second set of this particular style that I bought. The other pair looked more like athletic shoes because they were white and black rather than the grey and maroon you see here.

I’ve worn them a lot. In addition to them being the only shoes I had for a while, and then one of two pairs I had while our apartment was reconstructed, I continued to wear them for the next several years as my go to pair of casual shoes.

But in the last few years, I’ve noticed that one of the shoes squeaks. Even though I can’t see it, I suspect that the sole has a crack that runs the width of the shoe and that’s what’s causing the squeak. It’s enough of the squeak that I don’t wear the shoes much anymore. I think I’ve worn them twice in the last 12 months. So it’s time to say good bye to them. What I can’t decide is if someone else might like them in spite of the squeak or if it’s time to toss them.

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