Sunday, June 7, 2015

Welcome to the jungle

The jungle in my yard, that is.

May was an incredibly wet month for us here in Leawood. Normally we get about five and a half inches of rain, but this May we had a whopping 10.60 inches. We had just three days with zero rain. And June is off to a soggy start as well. Just a week into the month and we’re up by almost an inch over our normal amounts.

The rain kept us from any kind of yard work but didn’t stop things from growing. We spent just two and a half hours weeding yesterday and filled seven yard waste bags. Seven! We’re only allowed to have 10 each week, but as it turns out we ran out of bags before we hit our limit. Which is a shame, since we have still more rain on tap this week.

Kent's cleaning out the gutters;
yes, we are getting gutter guards.

Massively overgrown :(

More overgrowing stuff. It's overwhelming!


Paula said...

I resemble the overwhelming overgrowth!!! It's been hard to mow here - just too darn wet. I started on flower beds last week - dashing out when it stopped raining - but holy cow, there is so much to do!

We have gutter guards - love them!

Kerry DeBauge said...

Your back is probably thanking you for running out of bags.