Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I'm alive

Greetings from India! I arrived early (EARLY) Monday morning—12:15 AM to be precise—and got to my hotel about 2 AM. After a short four hour nap, I was up and heading out to work. So far things are going well, and I’m nearly over jet lag. In fact, I think after tonight’s sleep, I’ll be pretty much acclimated. Just for reference, India is 10 ½ hours ahead of Kansas City so it’s a big swing in time. But yesterday I was pretty tired.

I’m getting to have lots of yummy, spicy food and I think my new team members are a little surprised how much I like spicy food. We had a lunch brought in yesterday and most of them found one of the dishes too hot. I found it delicious and had seconds ::burp::

Last night, our head of international operations took us to dinner at an amazing place (do check the link, the pictures are worth it). We shared about five or six different appetizers and entrees and oh my goodness what a great dinner. I used to say my favorite place to get Indian food was in London but now I’ll have to say Bangalore.

No pictures yet, but perhaps this weekend I can get some.


Paula said...

the restaurant looks AMAZING! so glad you are having a wonderful time!!

Kerry DeBauge said...

What a beautiful setting! So glad the trip went well for you.