Friday, May 1, 2015

I love Leawood in the spring time

Our house was owned by a family that apparently loved gardening. The parents bought the place in the mid-70s, I believe, and planted all sorts of trees and bushes and clearly had a vision when they did so. One of their daughters moved in to take care of the parents as they got elderly and feeble and she also had a big love of gardening. So that means we have a very lovely yard, even though we aren’t particularly good at gardening ourselves. The yard is one of the reasons we bought the place because it truly looks like a park.

And it’s prettiest in the spring. We’ve got all kinds of blooming bushes and trees so I thought I’d share a couple of pictures with you.


kd said...

Beautiful!!! This is my goal for our new place -- make it look like a park. Right now we're in the discovery phase -- what in the heck did they plant? Found a long-neglected rose bush a few weeks ago. Pruned and watered it well, and now hoping we can get more to grow from some of the branches.

kittiesx3 said...

My goal is to not kill what the previous owner planted!

Kerry DeBauge said...

So the baby roses I so carefully planted didn't make it. Someone on Pinterest had posted it's best to put the tip into a potato THEN plant it as a way to keep it moist enough to root. Guess I should have done that.

Day lillies and magnolias are blooming now, and one littly hydrangae is showing signs of life. Keeping my fingers crossed they are all happy with us as caretakers.